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This my first self produced album " Not a producer productions" Thanks to Del or pushing me hard on finally getting on the Abelton platform. If it wasnt for him i wouldn't have done it. My vibes, influences and inspirations all around. Golden era Hip Hop, Raggamuffin business! I'M DOING A KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN TO PRESS THIS PROJECT TO DOUBLE COLORED VINYL IF YOU FEEL IT CLICK HERE AND CONTRIBUTE EVEN $1 MEANS A LOT!




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Bukue One Hebron, Kentucky

Bukue one is a modern day bboy, Emceeing, Graffiti writing, Producing and honing his primary skill as the business of it all! He is dedicated to preserving the essence of hip hop as a culture, through music, art and behind the scenes on the business side! #autonomy ... more


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Track Name: Fm Entertainin
Code verse 1
Rhyme words (place, grace, taste, laced, ace)

1. Yes we're up in the place - ready to masta
2. Ace, up the bashment born to roll mashin
3. Come get laced - with the uncut dope
4. Face your fear come here get a taste

Rhyme words (obtain, sustain, maintain drain, lane, membrane)

1. The high will sus-tain your ability to rock out
2. Gain a sense of confidence, technical knock out
3. ---We daisy chained, your money maker and mind
4. Came with designs midi'd up ya membrane

Rhyme words (board, lord, afford, chord,sword,scored

1. #shakelife are the lords of the underground dance
2. Floor enhanced audio un compressed
3. We - can't afford no less than excalibur
4. Sword sharpness precision overboard

Rhyming words (line, confine, combine, design mine,grind)

1. Virgos on the grind -perfectionistic de-
2. Zine always ya in good hands ... huh all state
3. All city mind- state of affairs com-
4. Bine hands in the air lick shot columbine!

1.We entertain in ways that edutain
2. Sustain the highest grade butane scorch flame
3. Game set match the lame ducks just quack
4. Blame it on the rain for wack chase of fame

Verse 2. Code (all snares) 2,6,10,14
Words ( match, catch, detach, skratch, mismatch)

1. Headphones on detach- from distractions
2. Headnod just catch, nostalgia in action
3. This beats acts as conductor of the vibe
4. Add a lil scratch, keeps the party live

Rhyme words ( delay, dejay , bombay, buffet)
1. - I must say, I'm having more fun than ever
2. With the clever display of my liberation
3. autonomy portrayed composish and production
4. Co dependance passay when my expression

Rhyme words (nicely, ivy, lively wisely)

1. Fresh n lively, set your thoughts at ease
2. Seize the moment nicely, carpe diem
3. Ya boy's here come find me, its worth the trip
4. Premeditated wisely how to properly rip

Rhyming words (invited, short sided, mis guided lopsided)

1. - skip the short sided let's heed the longevity
2. your cordially invited proceed exclusively
3. The - undivided attention proved to me that
4. Ya not misguided and you know where its at!

Verse 3 (3,7,11,13,15)
Rhyme words ( fishin, wishin, missin, listen, glisten,driven)

1. -- starting in polepo- sition let's proceed
2. We are (snare) driven bess believe
3. Need not get it twisted wishin bad deeds
4. Stuffin ya bags (snare) gone fishin indeed

Rhyme words (out, shout, doubt, clout pout)

1. Yell at the top, -shout out loudly
2. Dowhatcha feel- pout about angry
3. Hmmmm - doubt anyone is concerned
4. About your gripe, ya clout is not earned

Rhyme words (bent, pent, spent, vent, dent, sent)

1. --We built sentiments of cheers
2. Look around the room -vent to deaf ears
3. Uuugh (snare)- it appears ya depleted inertia
4. Sent ya into a dement down spiral

Rhymes (back, black, infact, soul clap)

1. Good thing we resurrect - smack to cheekbone
2. Wake up call, black up in the zone
3. Gotcha peeking now back to life.. soul
4. Clap foot slide mac your stride clean
Track Name: Kings Beach
1. Loungin out of reach, marinatin at king's beach
2. Outta commish, time to unwind relax n spit
3. Reflect a little, learned a bit bout ableton
4. All the way live now, I knew that the day would come

1. Dusted off the mpc/ 2000xl, linked with
2. Supadave doser the man str8 laced me
3. Extended my sound library beyond imagined
4. Now behold what happens when I start slappin pads

1. All my thoughts and inspirations now channelled
2. Through soundscapes 808's dilla drums & chopped samples
3. This is how I would've done it, if it were me
4. Releasing my debut album back in 1993

1. Layers and textures, incorporatin the scratch
2. Modern day golden era, we bringing it back
3. Unconcerned about sample clearance up in these tracks
4. So potential unlimited return of the mac

1. The vibe formerly known as fun intact
2. Hashtag autonomy soul controllin, though provoking
3. From hamburg to hoboken,
4. Wollongong to walnut creek, esotek's have spoken

1. And as of late we've diversified, unified stop 2.dropped and rolled the shook ones not top qualified
3. Hip hop personified, celebrated and enjoyed
Damn it feels good to be a real bboy

1. If dream could see me now he'd be proud Letter conoisseur
2. Grandmaster roc raida's legacy endures
3. Lesson learned intrisically & displayed
4. Got the nod of approval by king diamond j

1. Original x - men, that right there is priceless
2. As a point of reference I'm in the right mix
3. On the right path, - no skippin steps
4. Rebirth of black fletch shh quiet as kept
Track Name: Hip Hop-Body Rock
The zone.

1. Radio active, its time to activate
Rhyme bomb detonate let's blow

2. Shrapnel all up in the face
Funk agent oranje get a taste of the flow

3. Fantastic, percussion heavy
Bumrushin steady batter ram type jam

4. Through the front door and out to the back
Soundsystem wired dip and fall back

5. Hang up and call back, bboys on the flo
Uprokin beat street unseen befo

6. Puttin on the show, folks mouths on drop
Fly girls on perimeter doing the wop

7. And it don't stop, its time to move
Groove is in the heart so feel it boom

8. ..... and I'm on the microphone
Infra red beam I'm in the zone

1. I stand on stage, released from the cage
I see massive n crew from bird's eye view

2. Nothing left to do but rock the spot
Show what I got cole shock the drawls

3. Graffit writah mindstate all city bound
Non stop world tour til I'm world renown

4. Like docta jay I'm quite I site
Hang time with rhymeskemes my words take flight

5. Hanglide, windwalk like a silverhawk
..... movin mountains with the way I talk

6. Cadence divine each line's a grapevine
From witch you heard the truth its on you

7. The gift that keeps on givin is here
Bukue one no question no fearr rraaaah

8. Champion sound let the music ply
Thanks and praise as our banner is raised

1. I gets busy, crazy legs rocksteady
--Classic material like 57 chevy

2. Heads ain't redee, send em to bootcamp
Have em up they weight up or get em scared str8

3. Eye opening experience
Watching the eso prevail through resiliance

4. Valiant efforts were made to stifle just tilted us sideways like the ifle

5. Skycrape moonwalk hit the windmill
You gotta come correct with the real deal

6. The relevent, content intelligent. Invent
Creative discovery as emmceee

7. Mastery of ceremony w degrees
With the greatest of ease the fans are appeased

8. The forefathers are pleased with our disposition
In the zone owning this hip hop tradition
Track Name: Flip Da Flip ft. KidMode and Ruga
I just have mine unfortunately :)

1. Daewon song, of this arena, prolonged
Career longevity's my middle name strong

2. -ya better be - ready for emcees
Who make creations for spirit animal to feast

3. Alter beast -, power up - increase
Devour the cowardess terminating tha lease

4. Its time kill off the ones who steal off
Str8 up atem up like some rice pilaf

5. Not even the main course, just lame sauce
We be the meat and potatoes yep the main source

6. Splittin atoms, turning men to madams
Pepper spray blastem call my man adam

7. Aplus knows, we don't trust those.
rosco Pico trains fake as gusto

8. We rep c7 not cb4 chumps
We flip the flip and give listnas what they want
Track Name: Bubble Ting
Bubble ting
Intro 4bar chorus 1st verse ( 20 bars + 4 bar bridge, 2 bar reprise), 2nd verse 18 bars. 4 bar chorus

1. Generous! We are broader than broadway
Everytime we rock a dance the people all sway
2. Generous! We go one step beyond
Lion strong marks man like shugo banton

Verse 4,8,12,14,16
1. We ah di dons massive tchunes a bless dem
2. Musical injection plus vibes - infect Dem
3. Intra venus we da cleanest ask dem
4. Like the crew scare dem, kill the illest version

1. Bukue the definition of autonomy
2. Twitter handle @bukueone come follow we
3. Independantly, we roamin the country
4. Big up heavy d, dem no worry we so

1. Shake your everything when we come to ya town
2. Get up to get down, wind up ya waistline now
3. Bassline bubblin troublin ya lickle sound
4. Prepared to bowdown when I king gets crowned

1. When we hit up ya city ya no show? Its a pity
2. Doctor's darling tanya stephens nitty gritty
3. Witty we do the killin call me cocoa tea
4. - 15 years we growing ma locks nicely

1. This whatcha call the bubble ya ting
2.Bubble ya ting!? Yes just bubble ya ting
3. This is whatcha call the bubble ya ting
4. Bubble ya ting?! Yes bubble ya ting

2 bar dooser
1. Raggamuffin tune, hear the nya bingin drums
2. Early 90's feel good, summertime one!

Verse 2 - free flow 18brs

1. When I let mi loks down di gyal dem get weak
2. Inna di knees they cyan hardly speak
3. When we come pon di stage I feel their heartbeat
4. They redline and peak, jump up out the seat

1. Jump spread out, do it a move ya bodibidi
2. Whilin out like the one jamalski
3. All ice cream sounds go on the hanging tree
4. Nuese around their dubplates, for challenging Gee

1. The minute they dropped needle on the 45
2. The crowds look in theirs eyes like ( you won't survive)
3. It was no surprise by the time we arrived &
4. Played our intro the bashment came alive

1. All hands to the sky letting the gunshots fly
2. Their careers nose dive well at least they tried
3. Why dis fadda. You could hear dem cry
4. As the crowd yelled sizzla's dry cry

1. The moral of the story is when ya step in the ring.
2. Better be ready fi di sounds supreme
Track Name: You ain't Fresh ft. Poe
here are my verses
1. You ain't fresh, whatcha writin nots exciting
2. Enlighten me riddle me this you ain't def
3. Your high fructose corn syrrupy content
4. Was born prematurely after cadence nothins left

1. Shit's not good, junk food for thought
2. Note to self; livin on swag is bad for ya health
3. All style, no fashion skinny lookin all sickly
4. No strictly mashion no concept of history

1. All gimmicks, schticks and delivery ( not knowin)
2. Deliverin good meals requires knowin the recipe
3. Misery love company so I know ya not alone
4. Spawning mo clones than jim rome... but

1. I digress I guess I'm just diabetic to ya
2. Can't digest ya processed sugary sweetness
3. So peep this here's our collective 2 cents
4. Ingest some kool g rap to understand the word

1. To even think of you and the word in the same Sentences
2. is absurd complete disrespect fo the slanguage
3. Sometimes even you given you props for a 4.track infact can be considered a tad bit dangerous

1. Give a boy a rope and he thinks he's a cowboy
2. Givem a microphone and he thinks he's trugoy 3.(blasphema) like splittin poles and such
4. Out touch wrong arena str8 wrong approach

1. Plus, disconnected from the lineage , heritage
2. Not concerned about the birthplace or even know where it its
3. A shame not given credit, but taking all the fame
4. You saying the word hip hop is sayin it in vain

1. I really wanna get point across, that if ya snooze
2. Ya lack ya loose ya loose ya lost, the 2's & 5's
3. Were alive with burners running crosstown for eyes.
4. Take the train, that's how a kings name would survive in flames!
Track Name: Vagabonds
1. Outclass em, out last em,
Persevere, longevity surpass em

2. don't ask em, just keep it movin steady
Don't want their opinions, for real not any

3. sensor anyone not selected
as mentor Grain of salt/halt their push

4. Or pull- some try to hurt you
Work you , Have you caught locked up in circles

5. Dizzy beyond belief/discombobulated
As you grit ya teef, inundated with tha

6. Fact that your team's acts lack a code
of ethic, shortsided decisions regretted

7. Time wasted, - bad taste is left in ya mouth
Moral heads south .

8. But in a matters of days you dust off the dirt
Lesson learned. Point taken and back to work

1. Be inventive in the ways your days are spent
Sweat cap's our main investment

2. Present yourself as one of your word
Not willing to comprise that for a come up

3. sun up to sun down, keep track of how ya run round, or else you'll be run down

4. In the rat race,drained instantly
If ya can't tell active from productivity

5. Bess believe ear hustle's still deadly
Readily available in 2012 so i

6. Speak on my powermoves discretley
As we separate giants from the elves

7. fine toothe comb folks, background checks
Identify them frosted flake from the blue chips

8. Then hone in on those deserving Combine mind magma macromanifest the vision

1. Vaga_bonds captives of the moment
On that hot this second adolescence

2. Iron on froth that don't last long
Wrong attitude to the culture phenomenon

3. Shelf life of music should be
Like memories photographed timeless

4. Flame ignites when the artist strikes
Writes the felt not playlist soundbytes

5. Minimal effect are the trends of the day
Way broader perspective inlisted

6. Stay away from temptation to play
Not led astray by quick chances to get pay

7. goal is to create, express and document
Sent messages that is from the mystics

8. Vent on babylon's wrath and invent
ways to put dents in hates's influence
Track Name: Supertoys ft. Ahren Boudinot
1. (Pause) I get busy and rockwell,
Pixar type graphics while most are mattel

2. (Toys) it ain't hard to tell
I'm on the uprisin surprising w/ skillz

3. Climbing the hill, I'm ready for the hike
I'm drawn to the micro let's take flight

4. . With the speed of chun li, some see some don't,(guile) invisible throw sonic boom to the throat

5. Off to wreckin through tekken come get done
Nina boot to the your plums drop to knees succum

6. I meditate then levitate, teleport, kiss of death, poison breathe pogo on my sword til ya cut to shreds

7. Yoshimitzu through you soon to behead
Wang paul lee & that capoerista with the dreads

8. Said it and meant it I'm demented with the joyy stick
Big kid business you can have them toys :)

1. I used to be a big fan of tonka trucks
now id rather blanka ya electrify ya body up

2. Kilik all you amateurs who lack the soul calibur
I'm icy with the ivy chain sword through your eye lid

3. Hitcha wild ya down through the ground no penalty
You burn me...... really?

4. I think not, so stop ya lip flappin
Ya pounding on the buttons but Nothing's happenin

5. . Perhaps a lil consulting
its hard to watch you try, ya body's convulsing

6. Your insulting my intelligence front like la relevant. I letcha when a round then beatcha down for the helluvit

7. Ya gameplay is celibate, you effin nobody up
Raphael, nighmare? voldo? Come on give it up

8. And in closing, its time to silence the noise
Go back to the trike leave the gamin for the big boys
Track Name: Tangibills ft Zux
1. Nothing original, object referral
2. Living life behind the trends, no individual
3. Contributions to the culture, just rapin
4. Pillagin picking like a vulture scrapin

1. The bones, down to the bone marrow
2. No lineage narrow, minded heartless scarecrows
3. Propped up like puppets for the duckets
4. Doing what is suggested developements arrested

1. Folks rob n steal for the scrill for the feel
2. Of being successful cutting corners ill minded
3. Criminal thoughts... blinding by the limelight
4. Distracted by the gleam of them shiny things

1. The finer things in this take a work ethic
2. About 110 in when the other lay rested
3. Offering before asking "what's in it for me"
4. Can't reap the money without plantin the seeds

1. Effort preceeds excellence indeed
2. Gotta be broad minded for the culture is freed
3. Living off your art can turn your love to loathing
4. Message degrades as you change to make papes

1. The greats, may never see penthouse suite
2. Their wealth is wealth of mind laid down on beats
3. Ima follow in their foots steps, integrity kept
4. I hone other skills to amass the tangibills
Track Name: I N I
1. I n I synched find ways over land mines
2. Pitfalls, climb walls of adversary design.
3. Outshine shadows being cast upon us
4. Nu clee us in fme we trust

1. 6-11, 9-1, 76, 71
2. Deja ab - kb famil-i .. none
3. That don't come in love can come at all
4. Those who's peddle hate shall surely fall

1. Roots planted deep,- nurtured before sleep
2. dreamsequence reflect pon current events
3. Breathe deep, wisdom helps all makes sense
4. Wake on the right side ready to commence

1. Optimisic revolution, synergized dedication
2. Optimized team work to make plans come fruition
3. Honor our traditions plus the rationale add
4. Lo g-i-c, I be a present dad for I n I

* without y'all id never be the warrior, lion king,
that I am

1. Richardeen, joyce lee ann torrence to me
2. Mother, lover's rock pillar of strength autonomy
3. Gave more than what was available to give
4. Unatainable was nothin, how you taught me to live
5. Respect was demanded and well deserved
6. Kept me in check, hard headed I was for sure
7. At times but I saw your way... you'd say
8. " 'cause say we don't playiiayyaay aye aye"
9. Rarely went up against your wisdom the outcome
10. Showed that it was best when I was a good son
11. Let me out bombin in the middle of the night
12. And told my arse to stay in when it didn't feel right
13. From skateboarding to hip hop to chopping locks off
14. Buying me suits business mode equinox
15. Your faith in me, is the reason I've succeed this way
16. No joke say we don't playiayya ah aha

Pattern. 2, 4, 8, 10, 14, 16
1. You are my soul, my sinsae behold
2. Help me turn any thought I want to gold
3. Told me that the mold's not universal law
4. You don't have to be sold, to reach the pinnacle

Instinct, blink, think, ink, link, brink

1. You're my gut instinct, most high's internal link
2. Malcolm gladwells blink, guiding, through infinite wise
3. & being black as ink, is owning ya black power
4. Expanding how I think beyond the percieved brink

Leap, weak, peak,unique, speak, meek, physique

1. Have faith when you leap, humility when you speak
2. Credible intentions or your word is weak
3. Strength beyond physique, yes use the force
4. Utilize your unique, to ascend to peak

Energy, synergy, memory, bodhi tree, poetry, infantry

1. You are my sorce my energy, my light my bodhi tree
2. My birth vision, my daydream, epiphany, & memory
3. You're meaning in my poetry , saying (continue)
4. W/out u there's no synergy, you're my core my trinit
(My soul)
Track Name: Enfocus ft. Symmetry
1. Its now (1) crystal clear from here I see my purpose
2. Understand and identifyin my point with the compass
3. Somewhere between, ocean howell, can 2
4. Chris lightly & audio 2 yeah I fit righ thurr

1. My day dreams and my drives are my greatest assets
2. 26 letters is all I need up my toolset
3. Wordplay 101 mastery the two step
4. Put thought in to action true grit n sweat

1. Bluest of collar work ethic is the gift
2. Studied the harder they come praise to jimmy cliff
3. Plus horsehead, rockers on the grind non stop
4. Inspired I ney, hustlin like raindrops

Verse 2

1. Yes my state of mind, in the rhyme's motivational
2. Too many on the mic fall upon the cynical side
3. Which is fine but the scales need a lickle balance
4. So my fellow esos and I accepted the challenge

1. Not blinded by the bliss of ignorance
2. But blessed by wisdom and the eyes of an optimist
3. Paolo coehlo alchemist as the story is told
4. Believe in the black rose from stone 2 gold

1. Not saying that all are destined for greatness
2. But I believe thoughts are things and it forms ya mold shapes it
3. Attitude and hard work determines the outcome
4. Much more than the born gift of natural talented one!

Verse 3

1. Environment plays a role of course and its tough
2. But people reaped success it who had it worse than us
3. Its all about the decision making process
4. Make progress move ya body forward step by step

1. Change up ya approach if need be, find
2. A new set of coaches and obsorb their mind
3. Surround yourself with ideas from the folks that
4. have what you want. Do what they do and you'll get what they got

1. If you are willing to make the sacrifices, elimi
2. Inate ill vices that hold like vice grips
3. Inhibiting you to step on the good foot
4. Free yaself and you'll notice dreams in focus
Track Name: Escuchen
1. Listen very closely approach the speaker be
Attentive with the listening or miss seeing the

2. Beautiful display of an array of views,
Topics of a interest prismacolor type hues

3. Intertwined through-out the chimes you'll understand
The sign of the times within the grain of slipped sand

4. It was written as you know long before it was reported
But it didn't fit the narrative story was aborted

5. Audited like most truth is
but Through hieroglyphic inscriptions we read the non fiction

6. Elders sat around passing down their wisdom
Campfire inspired the town to heed what was given

7. Dusted off inscriptions traditions celebrated
Freedom fighters of the day honored commemorated

8. Handed down grandfather to father,
Father to son, enhale the piece pipe to capacity of lungs then exhale

Verse 2
1. one step beyond the average routine
The savages light beams seek to blind out the trinity

2. What's portrayed on the silverscreen can seem so serene, false sense of euphoria mind cavity

3. Decay of dendritic ability to find
Your owning silver linin in realities paradigm

4. Its all here. The good the bad - and the ugly
The man its all bad to (yout its all lovely)

5. Its your choice to focus on what's going on
The weak or the strong the yin or the yang

6. Or both in a balanced form of existence
Sun moon and star the equinox is intrinsic

7. weathering the storm can be a feat most fail at
Endurance is a rare commodity reziliance?

8. An oddity, gotta be long winded though
Broad minded act like its not your first rodeo

Verse 3.

1. And since its not your first rodeo, act like ya know
Adjust your radio to tune in tokyo

2. And stations beyond the channel that's clearest
sherlock holmesit to discover the depths

3. farthest reaches can unearth the juiciest peach
the purest hot springs to the white sanded beach

4. Discovery is key, progression is oxygen
Its soulpower, spiritual fortitude

5. Residual good mood when outlook's grim
Channel strength of the underdog summon from within

6. Optimism, not a thought a state of being
lense you look through to asses the sum of living

7. Find the light in the attic, go forth, enter in
An inquisitive mind will be best friend

8. Expand your horizon rise up and reach
The minstrels come along to getcha up outcha sleep


1. You see that writing on the wall
2. Saying its our final call
3. Melodic serenade type sayin

1. Remove your head out the dirt
2. Yes renaissance time to put in work
3. No time will ever be just right I'm sayin
Track Name: Blame Yoself
Verse 1

1. Speedy gonzalez, mira mira
2. You say I can't do it ? Mentirosa
3. I'm supposed ta be the chosen one
4. The shogun, champion code name bukue one
5. So stop whatcha doing I'm ruining your shine
6. One bar one rhyme desintergrates your design
7. Back to the drawing board or just bring out ya sword
8. suicide samauri yaself yoshimitzu
9. Turn that blade around slide it right through you
10. Fall with your honor in tact be true to
11. The code, of ethics I set it in stone
12. Knights of the turntable w/gold microphones
13. If ya not qualified the mic will stay cold
14. Frostbiting ya hands for testing the sands
15. Its not your time, go getcha dues paid
16. Get off your crusade for I sadaam your hussein

Verse 2
1. I came in the place ready to go
Ready to flow rip shows and collect the dough.

2. Mister bk games outasite like monta
Ellis quick fast with my fresh wordsay

3. I'm a funny man but I'm dead serious
Raw like eddy leaves clones delirious

4. Don't get it twisted, I ain't no joke
I float like a butterfly sting with my quotes

5. Jolts are sent through body electric
Call me acey I've accepted eclectic

6. Hectic at times but the rhyme still pays
Just not as much as it use to back in the day

7. Steady as she goes no matter what goes down
Love it it for my life like I love my hometown

8. Outstanding flomatic demanding tactics
Bring the title back to the bay and let's have it

Verse 3

1. Step off the plane like who wants some
Pin drop dead silence, folks wanted none

2. Of me, because the detonation of this emcee
Is kiss of death deadly, lyrically speakin

3. Freak flocabulary like a scrabble champ
Distorting your rap static like a broken amp

4. Flows twist like chubby checker rock like lil richard
Classic material like cadillac records catalog

5. Just to let it be known this ain't my first rodeo
I've nodded sinced rob bases it takes two fasho

6. Run dmc's profile and all that jazz
Stetasonic, jungle brothers to supaman lova

7.check the resume and rub ya chin
Scratch ya temple as I rip pon di instrumental

8. Lightning mcqueen, grease lightning and ting
Champion sound shabba ranks ya dancehall king!
Track Name: Gettin' Warmer
Who's at the front door
1. I am, name is bukue one,
Son of a panther, blackness dark sun

2. Bay area arial assault marshall falk, run
Vacate the premises or suffer damages

3. Come fully prepared for the worst outcome
Dare to be stupid if ya like oblivious

4. To what's occuring now mista generous
In the indus.. trees been chopped down to dust

5. Shop closed I pose a new equation
Come a new with ya crew old vibe liquidation

6. No worries no fret, just line up get
Ready for cracken - clash of the titan's set

7. Up the overthrowin of barnum and baileys
Clowns goin rogue taken us to town

8. Crazy, it has been life like live wire
E lectric fiyah burn no anticeptic

1. Fire breathin no decieving given to ya mind recievin
taken to the highest peakin breakin all the mics when speaking

2. This is how we keep on reaching
Clearing up the site you're seeing
Now you truly our believing
Fiyah burnin all the demons

1. Look near the moon you'll see the darkstar
-Gleaming the cube, classic skate flic

2. Lounging in the stu til I feels bout right
smoke clears then its time for script

3. Looking at my gucci, just one, no need for doublin
Over glitzy glam gets the bay in trouble

4. Enters questions of cred and all that ray ray
Code of the streets in the bay maing

5. Run of mill, the 4 the 1 the 5
The cougnut, a p g who kept it live

6. The boton is ours now, we show how
We rock shows record verses and freestyle

7. All purpose, we are the triple threat
We dream phresh spie twist refa dug deen it

8. Tmf, tdk, fsc
Hash tag graff live y'all best be leavin

1. Albert nyberg's recruited, and the big bang
Theory, torey pudwill skill set is extraordinarily

2.----ocean howell represented in the h-street segments left an imprint on me matt hensley

3. Hokus pokus part was the start of the next
Level in skate history pathway to plan b

4. Pat duffy broke the mold, sean sheffey was the truth, sal barbier and mike carrol style through the roof

5. Technical abilities, rodney mullen owned that
To fully understand you must rewind back

6. Skateboarding is not a crime, but you'd never know
We'd get kicked out of every place we'd go and so

7. We coasssssssssst. On to the next
Big up the devil in side vid by inxs

8. And tom petty's free fallin video as well
Wheel's of fire santa cruz natas kaupus freal!
Track Name: Overstand ft Devriona
* so much happens in such little time
Epiphanies and tragedies that blow youuur miind
* its hard to find your balance these days
Let's rise up... and Overstand the maaaaaze

1. Yes overstand this maze
Seeing beyond the daze to the sun rays

2. Huh ya gotta be of sound body in mind
Learn to fact find and read between the lines

3. Time will tell what the future will bring
Understand the fact that thoughts are things though

4. Show ya self that you can take the lead . Know
Soul control become the black rose

5. Rise up from the pavement to sky scrape
Shot call pay dues let's make power moves

6. Occupy. help open up the eyes
Spotlight the issues let em no longer hide

7. Confide in a few, learn from observation
Rely on I & I seek and you shall find break wide

8. Take strides toward goal that you set
Time if of the essence don't ever forget that..

1. Diversion is among us, counteract it
Re-center and not get distracted

2. Opposition research is real.. expect it
Money corrupts democracy extract it

3. Corporations are not people. Without a doubt
Money is not speech, get money out

4. If you feel its all doomed then I say contemplate
Packing up shop and repatriate

5. But anywhere we go we see seeds of the detriment
Power n greed is in the human element

6. So there's no way to escape that
must stand firm, participate voice your concerns

7. Take action or support the ones who do
Don't condescend they fight for you too!

8. Truth to power 11th hour is now
Pebble in the lake, ripple effect wow!

1. R I se let's be the ones who alter destiny
Change the course of events with intensity

2. Consistency, determination game changing
Dedication optimistic revolutionary

3. Soul controller hand holder of the less
fortunate ones among us its a we society

4. No one makes it on our own malcolm gladwell
Outliers spoke upon this and document fact

5. Respond react, preserve our roots
Bring home our troops close the loopholes

6. Hold those accountable for insurmantable damages
From propaganda of the lez safair savages

7. And at the same time make time for love
Life and livity yes the simple things. Fim

8. Ways to enjoy the days pause for awhile
Cause even revolutionaries need to smile cause
Track Name: Deaf Ears
1. My ears stay plugged to those want test
Diss my program sending fear and stress

2. Nevertheless they continue to spit that vialness
As if that's really gonna move my style n finess

3. (Hah) mr generous is built for the long haul
Thick skinned rhino, horned nose focused

4. Don carlos knows best wise man has seen
Tunnel vision eye dem pass me my laserbeam

5. Wipe out di wicked dem clean outasight
Lead follow or outta di way in to the night

6. there is enough going on to reroute your mission
Without vampires, serpents forked tongue w bad intentions

1. Haters and fools, crooks and sidewinders
In all shapes and size finding ways to hound us

2. drowned us in contrarian viewpoints
Devil's advocatin game playin jus sayin' tings

3. To find flaw in your blueprints and plans
The boot fits so stand-firm and examine

4. Frienemenies from enemies cause it could be
That friend in need can be the friend that makes you bleed

5. Back stabbers smilin in ya face crab shackers
Biters, dead weight, otiose wastes of time and space

6. Enough of dem, its time to clean house
Bring the plus vibe in and shatan's vibe ouut

1. Every album, project and declaration
I must speak upon the eradication

2. Healing of the nation and sufferation
Fighting down the negative's pentration

3. Of our inner child with goals of destruction
Rendering us numb with hesitation

4. Afraid to take a step toward our destination but
Ya cyant make it if ya don't leave the station

5. Through repetition and affirmation
We remain on track, nadda stagnation

6. Translation keep ya mindsate clearah
To the none believers in you turnem a deaf ear

1. When told ya cyant do it and use should give up
2. The say your dreams are too big & ya don't match up
3. When asked what if ya fail and fall pon di face
4. when they say ya no good and the time you ah waste

1. When they tell ya you were destined for poverty
2. When they laugh in ya face like something's funny
3. When they share tragic stories of failure
4. send em love but 1 things most important

1. When the say success wasn't meant to be
2. When they tell ya dreams are for when ya sleep
3. When they say get a real job hahahaha
4. Put ya finger deep in their give a deaf ear
Track Name: Can't quit ft. ABNG, Tee Double & Ishkan
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