Nome De Plume

by Bukue One

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released February 5, 2011, Funnyman Entertainment, Arnette eyewear, Plan B skateboard, Osiris shoes, Illest wear
Graphics done by Gmarket designs, Cover done by Leo Docuyanan, Back design by Patiri Photography



all rights reserved


Bukue One Hebron, Kentucky

Bukue one is a modern day bboy, Emceeing, Graffiti writing, Producing and honing his primary skill as the business of it all! He is dedicated to preserving the essence of hip hop as a culture, through music, art and behind the scenes on the business side! #autonomy ... more


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Track Name: Intro
Track Name: Nome De Plume
*yyeah yeah, we're back around again/rounding out the trinity
Intromish,hustle like rain to laser reyes
* the phrase that pays "bukue one what's next?" The letter head project or black fletch? Well...
at this point its time to pay homage to...the merging of two entities, "tion bukue"
* One name sums it up, both sides of the brain, blue - white collar maintain on both planes,
*More than an emcee / had to make room Clear the pathway for the new nome de plume
* First - mom given, last-self made, Grinding on dual levels, now its the high grade
* before - you knew me as either or..Depends on how you met me - sk8board or graffiti .
* fruitvale yard or EMB, just a portion...a side of me, but rarely peeped the whole skit
* imagine voltron / first as young lions/ -honing their craft / definin their path
* until the time was right when the planets aligned, then they came together synergized and combined.
*harmonized by design, group dynamics aligned as they found they complemented
* each other. Brothers of the same, important to the game, not knowing of the major changes coming on...* "the renaissance"... industry woes /, along with economic slowdown, body blows
* to the status quo, stifled the whole biz flo, but for me that was beautiful, The changing of the guard
* diversified talents or ya might get ousted, 
 said it and meant, & strived to document it
* 1st spoke upon it in 1 triple 9,I felt omnipotence to sign of the times to come
Track Name: Smoke n Mirrors
1. What's really good? What it do
What it look like?
2. All that bark and no bite, growlin on the mic
3. Why?.. even bother, all that slobber must dehydrate
4. Huff in and puffin nuf said, and still ain't gettin it right
5. Alanis ironic, with all that chronic to the face
6. ya still below sea level all treble and no bass
7. Blown speakerbox, you suck like wet sox pon di feet
8. And ya street don't me mean ish me
9. I'm yz, the ghetto's been good to me
10. (So far) but with all dem guns and clips I had to dip
11. Urban suburban styles -- - no rent, mortgage now.
12. Long term planning, demanding more out of life now
13. Indeed, proceed - relaxed intensity
14. Transcendental with my written it means more to me
15. As it should, mr generous all to the good
16. and the better each time each colorway and design

" we don't deal with smoke or mirrors
Its real talk"
Its real spit
We keep it triill

1. I pay attention like my life depended on it
2.gotta be that way, total focus notice no sleep self inflicted wounds, gunshot alize or boones room, shits hard already. the temple of doom

5. its here, right here and now, I see it clear
6. If yo perceptual filter is effed up then tough luck

7. Conscious optimism is like my night vision
8. putting me in the pole postion to lead the pack

9. To bring em back, give em hope and some rope
10. Not to hang each other but to pullem out of this abyss

11. check yo guages, you could be in the final stages
12. Of a terminal illness known as defeatism

13. skeptism beyond restoration, long gone
14. Caring not a bit bout self preservation

15. Medicatin through intoxicatin actions
Preoccupation is not a cure , just a distraction.
Track Name: Air Ft. Motion Man, Chip Fu
if somebody wants to transcribe this song please email it to me
Track Name: Callin' Shots
* soul controlling,
Neva folding the hand that's dealt to me
Its up to me to manifest destiny

* the rest can be, waiting in a jail cell
Of mediocrity,.... you know that's not me

* no sir ree, bob, that is in not my job
,job title Or career choice... far from it

* no runnin around dumbin down my ability
Here to build equity investing accordingly

* sweat capital
Combinin power moves, knowing who's who and who's not worth their wait in salt

* caught out there, strugglin earhustlin
Not moving a muscle as reputation is plummeting

* ja marcus russellin, folks see it clearly
That's why I let productivity speak for me

* now I let my credibility be the key
Opening the doors long before I knock

* shot callin yes, and still humble as a rock
I've paid dues, no talk, success leaves clues

* and I'm hear for you
Utilize me as a resource
Each one teach pathway is my focus

* - turnin the hopeless to hopefull by the handful
Through documented steps and the right tools

* - combined with true teachers who've...
Really live through....... what they're trying to teaching you

* and ascend on and on
No longer falling victim to venom we'll stay strong!
Track Name: Wantie Wantie
* I want it so bad, I can't live without it
Can't live with out you, I doubt it

* wants vs needs/ we caught the disease /
co dependancy, a state of emergency

* - addicted to what was prescripited
- drugs... pushed by pharmeceutical thugs

* so called health care tsk they could care less
Curing sickness- decreases profits

* so they medicate, sedate and supress
Masking the prob causin side effects

* nuff Side effects, as you try to fix one
It just multiplies to worse problems

* to fix, mo prescriptions increased profits
Vicious cycle, downward spiral

* now, whatcha wanted is now what ya need
Addicted beyond conscious decisions...


*I want it so bad, can't live without it
Can't live without you... I doubt it.

*I dont what Id do, if it it was true
I can't live, can't breathe w/out you

* but nah, no codependancy, we rise above
Posession has nothing to do with love

* true love as we know has been erased
by Fear of being alone, fear of being replaced

* fear of the alpha male stealin ya girl,
So you handcuff her, cause you don't trust her. Jealousy

* nothing but... insecure
disguised by " its just cause I love you so much"

* fallacy- and gurl you don't need a man
That treats ya like a 2 when you are a 10

* let that man go stopped trying to save him
Being alone's not as bad as being a victim


* wantie wantie needy needy
Don't really need have of dem believe me

* so addicted blown out of perspective
only things ya need is whatcha born with

* love is the truth, your love is king
Not tethered to a person place or thing

* thass why falling in love is so overrated
Id rather not fall, but share love with all

* deserving. upliftment of spirit
Through students, teachers and kindred spirits

* love if a currency, flowing none stop
If you hoard it ya kill the flow "bloodclot"

*ya aught not test, the powers of soul control
Be the love you look for then ya never at a loss

* then no matter the struggle ya still risin up
Smellin.. feelin like a million bucks!
Track Name: Come With Ft. Michael "Sluggo" Torrence
1. Come ooonn ...we must open our mind
What we've tried got us to this point
But to move farward we need to update

2. Upgrade the hard drive its our mind
Coommee ooonn relax and trust in us (yes)
Out with the old and "try something newww"

3. To get what we want in fact,
4.We have to let go of some habits that tend to hold us back

5. Comfort zones can be like shackles
6.Attached to ya ankles, rooted in the past

1"Come along"
the ego, is ya drug of choice
The little voice in ya ear, yelling loud and clear
To dig in.... stay put, putting up a resistance
To change,, maintain status quo keep it the

Ready or not change will come
Be prepared for what's yet to be seen,
beyond the horizon don't be surprised when

How things were are now extinct, forward thinking and 4 sights keeps us in sync

Death and taxes... are the only things certain
Along with the changing of the states of

Mind. Time forgives but never forgets
No regrets, the path was laid out for a reason

Come along and peep what's going on
Let's right as many wrongs and persist on and on,and be strong as can be - and fortify our legacy

This time and space is erased on a daily
Nothing but the present remains so don't dwell
-- sing songs of redemption, learn from our elder's stories they tell

And in the next view, look at the lickle yout
Not tainted by the doubts and the fear life... brings

Reality bites, and life stings
But my eyes have seen the miraculous things
Mr generous
Track Name: Effort Ft. Del the funky homosapien
IF ya wanna transcribe it email it to me :) I didn't write these lyrics, just built the track live bar by bar :)
Track Name: Overtime
Transcribe em anyone?
Track Name: Steady
* movin like an s1/ w - jetson
Futuristic focus so you know that I'm...

* rhino's tunnel vision/ never doubtin my position/ lead follow o feel collision when -I - rock

* hard like malcolm gladwell/ classic like the inkwell / witness my groundswell word a a mouth.

$ breathe in the plus vibe/ exhale the tall tales/ the boy who cried wolf, sky is falling chicken little

$ it'll be a cold day in the land of brimstone
Before you catch the I-dren mimicking them clones

$ hard like styrophome/burn through em like
Pilot ink, the missing link, between you and your dreams is what you think

$ thoughts are things maing. more than just wordplay, facts not hearsay, dem quotes of the day are

$ As much for me as anyone for anyone else
Cleansing out my hatred with the sacred wealth

$ skotrel said it well and its engrave in me
Common sense is not common currency

$ paralasis through analysis, when it could be
All so simple if we could see the catalyst

$ for this state of emergency and pause it
Cause you know fear and anger distorts logic

* thass word to brian koslow 1time for naomi klein
Peep the shock doctrine it'll blow ya mind..

*dropping lugs on my peepo/ me and sirdzl
The track is our easil....

* the illest with our fatlace/ dq'd from the rate race, drifted to the leeeeeft yes

* its all about the power moves/ fme will
Show and prove/ we fu-schnicken la schmoov

$ nothing to prove but much to do,
Tion bukue one subscription renewed

$ funkmanster flaps/ we unearthed the lost track, reborn brought em back resurrected
Track Name: Deja Ft. Deja Bukue

* -living proof... the birth of a bean, empress on the scene, the little black russian

* looking like me, with my mom's manerisms
Yoda's internal flame, scorchin'

* determination beyond ability,
Makes the lil lady frustrated immensly

* the world is hers and she knows it,
-Nothing's impossible, truly unstoppable

* she shows in ways, words can't convey, that she's been here before and she's here to stay

* purpose beyond us/ heir to a thrown of her own
Queen of the castle, let it be known

* growin at the speed of light /eyes wide in amazement, I watch her wonderin where the days went

* from strapped to chest in "the one"
Its been so long but yet just begun...
Verse 2

* the illest kollage, the sweetest taboo
The combing of the worlds... deja bukue

* meeting of the minds... culminatin' of relations... 16 years in the makin. Takin'
*me down memory lane
remembering now
All the internal prep work showing me how

* and who I am to become to this one
Young diety. She's my gravity to do it right

* keep it true... and all those other sayings
We be saying, mantra's we say to stay guided by the light

* --in other time to waste
Only time to invest, build and progress

* plant the seeds and reap the benefits
Of kharma
Arm the cipher with kindness

* yes! make a world worth living in
A place inspiring, for our songbirds deja.

Verse 3

*She's my.. amel lerrieux, my sade adu
My lisa bonet and its a different world today

*representative, of all that is free
One gyal synergy, queen born royalty

*aquarius... spawned outta earth and fire
Virgo - gemini - virgin- aquemini

* february 5th.... 2008
Her date of birth and a historic day

* obama took the lead in the primaries
Expanding the realm of possibility breakin'

* the types of stereo's that limited options
Now sky's the limit no one is stopping this

*freight train blazing up the track
Our guidance propells her , no lookin back

* ---its our job, our role, our position
To help the little misses realize her birth vision
Track Name: Learn You ft. Chip Fu
Transcribe anyone?
Track Name: Timeshare
1.Kick back relax, listen to rhythm ride
2.Will smith's "summer time" groove transformed

3. life is good and getting better by the minute,
4. From seconds to the hours, its our time
To get it right

5. Now, how come folks just wanna sideline
6. Snake and sidewind wastin my time, hittin me

7. Up, forward that to my email,
8. Never fails when I read it, most of them get deleted

9. Thanks but no thanks, I gotta let em know
10.I'm reading this new book called "the power of no"

11. --- I really like it when its said to me
12. - Real talk it really saves a gang of energee

13. Turns friends to enemies, wasting my commodity
14. Time is of the essence investing mine productively

15. I'm bob the builder " can we build it?
"Yes we can"
16. Blue print the mastaplan, from supply and demand

17. I've found my niche.... its all starting to - my time in the trench was time well spent

19. I'm off the bench - feeling that hardwood
20. Beneath my feet, legs fresh feelin so good

21. And its showtime, gameface, clear mind
22. Bright lights, crowd roaring sending chills up my spine

23. - just a few of my favorite things,
24. When I visualize, actualize my daydreams

25. Kicking back writing raps without a care
26. Docu men tin steps in this lil' time share.
Track Name: Strength I.N. ft. ABNG
* sometimes I wanna rhyme but then again I just wait
For the approaching of a toy or a ill ask break

* no matter which .....they both get broken off
Burnt to a crisp by the human molotov

* served like federov, the world is better off
.... bill gates to microsoft is me to hip hop

* ,,,, ambition beyond, listen we're strong
Mission's to prolong the pro fesshion

* consistent sessions, home or austin, minneap or boston future shocking

*Dem drawls, you'll never find the lou rawls
In the world of imitation spaceballs
To star wars

* so many spoofs.... spin offs and goofs
I'm clearing out the channel mode set to allof

* I switch to maloof, money cup owning franchises showing we all can be kings

* and divine stylers, uplifted through
livity self style wisdom its true

# I'm just... doing me, hopin you do the same, then we can do us and change the game

# strength in numbers for the mastermind session, divided we fall, fumble and drop the ball

Verse 3
*.... strength I in
Strength in numbers, wonder where I've been

* look around and what's found is s.I.n
Thus I've been, playin the low, keepin it close
To my or-ri-gin

* a- alikes and friends..
Famoose, Folkalips no lettin shook ones in

*took some ends
A bag of chips to invest, in interest
Of bettering the brand

* letterhead commands...
The pen, pad, paint can, priming the canvas

*throwing up the sketch, the we fill in
Floor to the ceiling furthermore revealin'

* the masterpiece, burner, increase
Value that's how you beautify the streets

* silence the critics, skillset no gimmics
Plus cause you didn't say nuttin, ya just did it

***** I don't have ABNG's verse Transcribed ;(
Track Name: Relaxed Intensity ( My 2 cents)
* perception and reality don't always match
In fact can't see relaxed intensity

* on the surface, calm, meek and silly like
Skateboarding graff writing emcee who's livin life

* care free, behind screen you'll find an analytic humanoid, statistics, tipping point to freakonomics

* study that, mastermind with yoda then holla back,
Create equations extract opinion from facts

* identifying what's news and what's proganda, and who's paying for the slanted views we receive

* best believe, I've heard the conspiracy theories, but real talk
The threat to us is plutocracy

(Follow the money) don't be paranoid
Open our eyes. Before everything in this country's privatized

* that's just one of many topics that gets factored in this rapper's skin and membrane

* to maintain balance. Gotta see the dark to appreciate the light, and win the challenge

*of being optimistic, ...sharing love enjoying the insightful and annoying

* toying with your emotions, but fuck the doom and the gloom
I gotta crazy notion that the time is soon

* for us who were chosen to lead the way to
inspiration and know how to rise and break through

* walls, barriers and chains, shackle me not
We'll wake up and regain our rightful spot

* in the place to be whether the world or just our country
Blessed we,.... relaxed intensity :)
Track Name: *How It Is Ft. Tee Double, Birdapres
transcribe anyone?